Empowering women to reclaim their health

Hormone balancer. Cramp slayer. Self-care advocate.


Hi, I’m Dr. Kim Vance ND

I believe that when women are healthy and empowered everyone benefits. I work with fierce, ambitious and unapologetic women to create their own unique wellness plan. Whether it be regulating periods and balancing hormones or optimizing digestion and banishing bloat, I will arm you with the tools and knowledge you need to heal. No band aid solutions and quick fixes here – I’m all about deep healing that gets to the root cause of your health struggles. So join me for a cup of tea and a chat, and let’s get you back to an optimal state of health.




I will work with you to create a treatment plan that is customized to your individual needs and circumstances. I will empower you to heal yourself through education about your body, health and your unique physiology. I will remove obstacles to your health and encourage healing through natural therapies. A safe, non-judgemental space will be provided where you can feel heard. Most importantly, I will be more than just your naturopath – I will be your health teacher, your personal detective and your biggest cheerleader.

Kim Vance naturopath in Guelph